About My Art

For the sake of convenience, "art" in this context also refers to my writing! Both my visual art and writing are intertwined in my mind, it doesn't feel right to talk about one in depth without the other.

What I Make

I make... lots of stuff! Alright, I'll get specific. I make digital art, design characters, write characters, write stories, and create comics! I currently only know 2D art and a bit of 2D animation, but I'd love to make the time to learn to make 3D art, 3D animation, and video games! Most of my story ideas are comics (as in, I plan to create them as comics), but I also have aims of creating video games and possibly a series of animated shorts.

My Inspirations

My earliest artistic inspirations, back when I was in elementary school, were the graphic novels Bone and Copper (I would later learn Copper originated as a webcomic and I was able to read all of it online, ending my search for "that one really cool comic book I read in 5th grade and couldn't find anywhere after I went to middle school" rather abruptly). I of course read more than just that, but Bone's use of tonal and genre contrast (Toony characters getting wrapped up in the high stakes danger of a high fantasy setting! How novel!) and Copper's casual presentation of the bizarre while focusing on two central grounded characters are both things that've stuck with me for a long, long time. But the biggest lesson they taught me was that I wanted to make comics, this medium wasn't just for people who made superhero comics! But, how would I get published...? That seemed like a lot of work. Making comics felt like a pipe dream.

At some point, of course, I got on the fabled "internet," and after bouncing around from playing flash games and watching people play Minecraft on Youtube, I eventually found, through a chance banner ad, something new, something unique: comics! That I could read! For free! On the internet! Incredible! And there's more of them? By all different artists, in all different genres and styles? Wow! I read every webcomic that even remotely interested me (and didn't seem TOO long), quality be damned. One could compare my discovery of webcomics to the evergreen motif of Alice falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. One could also not do that, because that's super cheesy. I did really like webcomics, though, and I have a lot to thank them for! A small handful of webcomics I discovered when I was younger I still read today, even. And the existence of webcomics made me realize something important: with the internet, there's no barrier to entry. If I wanted to create a comic, I just had to plan it out and MAKE it! (...Turns out planning takes a long, long time.)

Artistic History

I began posting art online some years ago (I can't find the exact date), using my webcam to take pictures of sheets of lined paper I held up. This was, all around, pretty terrible. Eventually, I began taking pictures of what I drew (again, on sheets of lined paper) with my phone, and posting that, which was a significant improvement. At some point I got a way to draw digitally, using the free software FireAlpaca, and that's most of what you'll see from me. I never did stop sketching with pencil on lined paper, though. In March of 2021, I created a dedicated art Tumblr, and then a few months later, in October of the same year, I created a dedicated art Twitter. During all of this, I went to maybe one or two actual art classes.

My writing history is rather bare-bones as well. In fact, EcopportunityX is not only the first time I'm posting narrative writing online, but my first time writing this much narrative writing for a single story. I just jumped right into that.

What My Art Can Be Used For

I'm gonna keep this simple:

You MAY use my art for:

  • Profile pictures/icons/avatars
  • Profile banners
  • Other methods of customizing sites/profiles

You MAY NOT use my art for:

  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • The training of art/image generation AI (text generation AI is currently okay, but I may change my mind on this)
  • Your own merchandise (if you wish to purchase merchandise with my art on it, please contact me and I will do what I can to get it on my Redbubble)
  • Hateful and/or bigoted contexts or messages (this supercedes all other conditions)
If you are at all uncertin on if it's alright to use my art for something, please contact me and ask. I am availible through Twitter direct messages, Tumblr direct messages, and Tumblr asks.