The Story Concepts Megalist

I will be frank with you: I am a man* who has a lot of ideas for stories. I want to show the world these stories in a fully-realized state. Whether or not this is a fool's errand is irrelevant to me, I'm just gonna make stuff. Below is a list of (almost) all of these ideas, or concepts, or whatever, accompanied by a short synopsis (note: many titles are not final). Some of these I am much more serious about eventually creating than others. To keep you all on your toes, I will not be saying which is which. Remember: ideas are cheap, and I love a good deal.

*When it's funny.


All Directions

A legendary hero is raised from their slumber by a party of adventurers at the time the world needs them most so they can defeat a great evil, as is prophesized. However, the adventuring party can't help but notice that there's something... off about the hero, especially right before a battle...


A lone wanderer seeks a quiet life on a desert planet.

A r t.

What's the limit of what art can do to its audience? Can it affect them without their permission? Can it hurt them? Is that even true pain? Or is the audience ultimately in control of what they feel?


The prophesized heroes BongWater, CoolRanch, BajaBlast, and CrunchWrap, (accompanied by their loyal steed ChockyMilk) set out on a quest to defeat the dark lord and put a stop to his evil plans!


A young girl with a big 'ol cleaver and unknown power gets into fun and gruesome misadventures with her pet rabbit.

Cognitas Ergo Sum

What do a serial killer, an urban legend, a Greek myth, a puppet on a children's show, and a cryptid have in common? A lot more now than they did before! Five manifestations of the thoughts of the masses wander through the world together, searching for stability, all while trying not to fall into the way their stories play out.


A slighted prince seeks the aid of an imprisoned god to ensure himself the throne, but nothing quite goes as planned.

Dev Console

Three friends start a band where they sing about video games! It's fun, it's not too serious, it gives them all something to do together, and it provides the frontman a great distraction from their reocurring nightmares.


Three humans from three different time periods enter a parallel universe of monsters and infinite underground caverns in search of a way to cure the sick. Luckily, a few denizens of this realm have made it their job to guide visitors like this safely to their destinations and back out again. Unluckily, a few have made it their job to do the exact opposite.

EcopportunityX (Completed project!)

You have woken up in a room. You know this room, it's familiar. You've lived in it for your whole life. But now it's time to escape. ...Or more directly put, an interactive horror comic about escaping a bizarre gray facility. An indulgence in visuals I enjoy, though that's not to say the story and characters aren't prioritized. Blood, gore, body horror, and super bright colors combined with monochrome abound!


A human mad scientist in a world of monsters continues her experiments on a new set of test subjects.


Four prophesized heroes set out defeat the (latest) dark lord before he destroys the Celebaria! ...Though it looks like they might beat him to it. It's up to the party's (incredibly suspicious) healer to keep the quest on-track so this can all play out how it's supposed to.

Frankenstein Interpretation

A thunderstorm rages overhead. In one lab, a cackling mad scientist creates a lumbering artificial man out of stitched-up corpse parts. In another lab, a brooding university drop-out creates the perfect artificial man out of only the best body parts, both found and taken. Suddenly, lightning strikes, bringing the artificial beings to life in front of their creators. One will embrace their creation with pride, and the other will run from it in horror. In other words, a crossover event between Frankenstein (as told by the book) and Frankenstein (as told by memetic mutation).


Waking up somewhere unfamiliar after a wild party isn't too odd... But waking up in a cave surrounded by monsters might push it over the line.


An in-the-works interactive comic. Intentionally being kept under wraps.

Grand Finale

It all comes together.


A low-threat supervillain unknowingly befriends the secret identity of a hero they regularly fight, much to the hero's amusement. ..."Fight" isn't the right word. "Get shooed away by," maybe. Or "get completely obliterated when they don't leave the first time."


A scientific rivalry spurrs on the creation of creatures of mass destruction: magical, immortal bugs that can fly through space! And pick up some really noticeable personality quirks!

Leah & Punchy

An alien invader with plans of world domination has crash landed on Earth! And humanity better quake in fear, because one of their own has joined them as an advisor and guide to Earth: this random child! Watch out, heroes!

Life, Death, and Ornan Bure

A young painter, having lost his parents to a car accident, his inheritence to his uncle, and his artistic muse to nothing in particular, moves into a house by a graveyard. What's harder? Figuring out how to live on your own for the first time, rekindling your artistic spark, dealing with the ghosts in your house, or making your first friends? ...And is what brings back your artistic passion worth pursuing? Especially if it's...

Light of Celebaria

A hero--er, a party of heroes--set out to defeat the Lord of Moths and his bandit army and return peace to Celebaria! And with the Gods of Light on their side, how can they lose?

Mad House

Two roommates move into a house after getting it at a price far too good to be true. At least one of them will soon see why.


Careful what you download! You might get your goddamn head bit off.


A human, a beast, and a machine are repeatedly brought together by an enigmatic "scientist" to discuss... something. All for... some purpose.

Mattie the Hero

It's the zombie apocalype, and one man is prepared more than anyone else! He has to be! And his exhasperated band of fellow survivors totally AREN'T the only thing that's kept him alive this far.

Meddlin' Kids

Three young adults with magical parasites drag around their older conspiracy theorist friend (and "mentor") solving magical mysteries to try and find a lead on getting the aforementioned parasites out of them.

New Lifeform

A miracle of science has been created! A robot that looks and thinks just like a human! Isn't that incredible? Everyone seems to think so... except the robot.

The Ocean

A diver unknowingly enters a world of aquatic monsters and meets a mermaid.

Oh You Wish it Was Embezzlement

Four employees of an office realize they have no goddamn clue what this company they work for does, and decide to investigate. It takes a lot more work to figure this out than it should.

The Oneiric Institute

A scientific organization dedicated to studying dreams has their experiments get far too out of hand.


The wacky hijinks of a mad scientist and her artificial child made of cloth.


A woman in need of a good job joins an association that studies supernatural phenomena as a monster hunter, turning her hobby into her career. Keeping a good work-life balance is awful difficult when you have to contend with rogue supers, psychics, mad scientists, monsters, extradimensional invaders, and weird co-workers!

Phone Story

If you're called once, you'll be called again, and again, and again... Better pick up the phone. A short horror comic.


What does one do with the technology to create an entire universe in one's own image...? Metaphorically rewrite your college days, of course!


A zombie wakes up in a shallow grave on the other side of the country, and has to figure out how to get the hell home. Luckily, a werewolf (and her packmate: her car) is willing to drive her back to the East coast! But this werewolf's not the kind to only help one person in need, so along for the ride are a woman who's given up on making the time loop she's trapped in play out perfectly and a very, very lost monster. Fun times abound!


Something is definitely off about the ship's new captain, even if only a single robot can see it. His reckless attitude, his odd priorities, the way he makes the robot's probability calculators go on the fritz, almost as if showing them more than just possible consequences of certain actions... Something's up.

The Shadow Me

A scientific experiment done in a garage upends trio of friends' very identities... and may have much, much worse consequences.


A thief who prides herself on her ability to go undetected is "forced" to work with a clumsy security guard after said guard accidentally binds a powerful artifact to herself.

Streaming Shenanigains

A game only recently recovered, thought to be an urban legend... Oh yeah, my chat's gonna love this. I'll read the actual creepypasta later, some junk about observation or whatever.

Tic-Tic Toc-Toc

A man accompanies his friend to a job at a remote manor in the mountains. Though he's treated like a valued guest, the ticking of clocks reverberating through the halls... Something about it...

Tournament Arc

A rogue entity from out of space takes it upon themself to train a young human girl to become the best fighter in the galaxy.


With the forces of evil growing ever powerful every passing day, a (cute and marketable) monster forms a team of magical girls to fight for love and peace! But with only one magical girl being found, they were forced to broaden their search parameters, adding werewolf, a giant robot that turns into a bus, and a salaryman that woke up as a giant beetle one morning to the team! Er, at least they all transform...?

The Trials

A man follows a list of 1000 highly specific tasks in order to ascend to godhood, and picks up a friend along the way!

Weapon's Tournament

Did you know that if you ever use anything as a weapon, you have a small, no, microscopic sliver of a chance to end up in Weapon's Tournament? Twenty contestants, stripped of their names and armed with an infinite supply of whatever weapon brought them here at their disposal, twenty contestants battle each other through a series of bizarre and violent tournament rounds for the right to keep their memories.

Valiant Legacy

A guy trying to get their bike back unknowingly begins a generation-spanning legacy of superheroics.

Various untitled comic ideas:

  • Two monsters resolve to make everyone's lives worse. Or rather, one of them does, and the other is blackmailed into it.
  • Three women try to live their lives while being surrounded by urban fantasy nonsense.
  • Two friends talk about how weird their mutual friend is.
  • Object comic. You know how it goes.
  • A necromancer resolves to figure out what's going on in the afterlife. For some reason, literally talking to people who've been there doesn't help, so they're gonna have to do something... a bit more extreme.
  • A machine run by a human mind befriends a human body operated by a computer.
  • A rogue AI becomes a space pirate solely to meet interesting people.
  • A person goes on a mission to figure out what happened to an underground facility, but ends up learning much more about themself than was intended...
  • Another interactive webcomic whose details shall not be gone into until it starts.

Video Games:


Three people wake up in an isolated manor, having been brought there by a strange shadowy entity that somehow seems... familiar... and must now figure out how to escape.

Fun in Eternity!

A living person has mistakenly found their way to the afterlife, and must now seek a way out.

Letum Trustan: Ace Attorney

An Ace Attorney fangame that would theoretically combine the investigative gameplay of the Investigations spinoffs with the trials of the main game. Might have a bit too much fun toying with series convention.


An action-platformer sidescroller in which you can copy the abilities of your foes by defeating them with the MemoryBlade, allowing you to peer into their memories. Though, as your connection with the MemoryBlade becomes stronger, you may start seeing more than you wish to...

Paranormal Eye

Solve murder mysteries as a combination private eye, paranormal investigator... and ghost!


A prisoner makes their way out of their cell and through a strange world themed after clip art, guided by an enigmatic figure who may not be as friendly as they seem...


You wake up in a room you don't recognize, are greeted by people you don't recognize, and look in the mirror to see a face you don't recognize. Traverse through this adventure-puzzle game while making sure none of your "new friends" don't find out you aren't who you say you are... or there'll be consequences.

Breakin' Shins

A cyberpunk character action game where you must contend with waves upon waves of foes while the AI in your head loses their cool and pacifist attitude more and more.

Visual Novels:

Steel and Teeth

A sweet love story between a robot and a vulture culture enthusiast.


A lost traveller is able to make contact with one other, and only one other, human. The only problem being that they're a very confused and overwhelmed high schooler. But hey, they don't have to know that, right...?


The Journal of Dr. Cyprus

A scientist at the epicenter of a horrific disaster keeps a journal of the ensuing chaos.

Subway Station

An apathetic and bored office worker meets someone strange while waiting for the train.

Miscellaneous/Uncertain Medium:

The Dove

A true crime enthusiast chases the trail of an enigmatic figure supposedly behind a series of murders...

HelpBot Adventures

After all other robots have been reprogrammed for evil a lone bot makes the choice to set out and do what's right!

Hush Rock

An off-season ski town thinks it knows what's right for everyone who enters it. A blatant Silent Hill knockoff.


Turns out all the mascots from these brands know each other and they hang out. Huh!




A guided audio tour goes off the rails for one tourist.

Struck by Lightning

A hainu afflicted with oversensitivity to the anger of the god deep below the ground finds reprieve only in flight... and electrocution... and potions.

They Do Crime

Two weirdos cause violent chaos because they have nothing better to do.

Torture Labrynth

A person is trapped in endless agony for thousands of years... and just kind of gets used to it, much to the annoyance of their "tormentor."


A series of animated shorts depicting a wanderer travelling through a barren wasteland.

X-Ray Visions

A series of music videos telling the story of a trucker beset with psychic visions running into extraterrestial trouble.

Various untitled ideas:

  • A powerful and enigmatic entity bound by a strict set of rules tries to aid a being cursed with repeatedly appearing mouths.
  • An immortal troublemaking "cowboy" has repeated encounters with a headless horseman dedicated to eradicating the undead.
  • Various universe hoppers hanging out and running into each other.
  • A killer doll faces off with a killer kid, cancelling out each others attempts to kill everyone in the manor they inhabit.
  • A legendary galactic hero falls in love with a mass produced janitorbot.
  • In the post-post-post-apocalypse, weirdos still hang out and gossip
  • A girl befriends a living corpse that won't rot. Neither are particularly motivated to do anything.
  • An immortal who has dedicated their eternal life to learning the secrets of others finds a case they just can't crack: a lighthouse keeper.
  • A charasmatic godlike entity uses a bored human as a pawn in an elaborate scheme.
  • A serial reincarnator, with the help of their monstrous companion, enacts plans made over many lifetimes.
  • A nineteen-year-old girl and prolific horror author meets a godlike entity stuck in a tomb while on a writing retreat and the two become best of friends.
  • The AI managing a space casino primarily tuned to human psychology is intrigued by one of the few aliens to visit the casino.